Apex Pants, Premium Tactical Pants for a bargain Price

Tactical On a budget?

Tactical and military are often two words that are understood as one and the same.  But, military normally means tuff, hard, long lasting and unfortunately … uncomfortable.  Products fit for a purpose, but made to a price, made in bulk and made quickly. Tactical- does not have to mean the same.

In clothing, tactical and military are split. Military clothing is available new off the shelf and used – known as surplus.  New military clothing when sold to the public is often thought of as over priced and under performing.  Being that its not really fit for much other than military use, with baggy featureless design, hard wearing but course and harsh materials.

Tactical clothing in modern times is almost the opposite. Being that it is bought and paid for by the user, not bought and paid for by the military.

5.11 have made an industry push for change, design and quality had to prevail to see success in the industry.

This evolution is where 5.11 Tactical has taken the tactical world with both hands and not let go.  Designing products lines, using modern materials and adding features not seen in this price range. Before.

5.11 Tactical’s first big success in Tactical Pants were the Stryke “Flex Tac” Pants. Almost of military style but with comfort thanks to modern dynamic materials allowing stretch and comfort, quick drying and light weight while feature loaded in design.

Carry on that modern dynamic approach, the Apex pants were born.  High end tactical clothing enthusiasts will definitely see that 5.11 took some styling cues and small details from other areas, but form follows function and if something works, why change it? The cut of the pants is definitely athletic, Light weight and more form fitting than prior designs.
Now worn with a lot less material the Apex are more streamline, lighter and designed differently, with double stitching, detailed cutting and their proprietary stretchy fabric the Apex allows for an even greater range of movement than any other non baggy designs.

While not looking like 5.11s highly successful Flex-Tac Ripstop grid like stretch material, the Apex use a new variant of the Flex-Tac line but is canvas based. This new 2 way stretch canvas has a quite amazing 150-200 pound tear resistance and a very soft smooth and scuff resistant finish.  Utilising the Teflon coating for stain and oil resistance even the lighter colours manage to seem clean and look like new for longer than expected.

Design wise, these pants are very sleek and low profile, with none of the cargo-esk bulging pockets, the Apex are a much flatter and faster profile while still housing 10 usable pockets similar positioning to the venerable Stryke Pants.

Being a tactical pant, they are as the perfect pants for police and shooting sport environments.  Pockets are spaced and position intentionally for discreetly housing a pocket knife, and or a torch, firearm magazines and even hand cuff key and cable ties/plasticuffs.

As these are intended to be worn in a professional environment, long days and tired bodies get uncomfortable, 5.11 has incorporated a stretch panel into the side pocket allowing for some additional movement and comfort around the waist. Again with the tactical user in mind, the belt loops have been spaced different to the norm, ensuring no belts loops sit right where a hip holster is worn, making holster attachment easier.  The little things make that big difference.

The biggest and most unexpected feature is a $109 pair of pants is the material cut to suit the bend of the knee. Articulated design is only normally seen in far more expensive wears. But 5.11 have thrown the design catalogue at these pants and its shows. A bent knee, perfectly compliments the cushy comfy waist band, so those seated hours are pleasure.

Wearing these pants in sitting, standing and kneeling positions really highlight the high tech design of these pants. Whether you need range pants, discreet everyday pants or just a great pair of outdoor oriented pants, give the Apex a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Try the 5.11 Apex  Pants!  $109.99. Available in store at G&A Tactical in Black and Khaki, available to order in Dark Navy Blue, Storm Grey, TDU Green and Battle Brown



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