G&A Tactical Go Bush!!! Shooting Trip

Day 1 and 2

 The G&A team went away for a few days with a good friend of the shop to a private property for some rifle zero testing and long range setup.

This is a quick Run Down of the gear used! All available through G&A Tactical



First Shots from Lithgow LA102 in .223

Recently we put together a package, a Lithgow LA102 with the stunning Laminated Stock with the Titanium Cerokote finish, on top went a Vortex Diamondback 4-16 In Leupold PRW ring mounts.

The first .223 shots after bore sighting were with Federal 55 Grain rounds, after a few shots to get it on target at 50m, we moved the target to 100m. After sending just a few more 55 grainers through the paper we changed over to the super popular Aussie Outback 68 Grain Gamekings, with a higher point of impact than the 55gr feds, we made the adjustment to set the 68grainers as the round of choice for zero as we hoped the weight would help in the wind down the valley as we started to stretch its legs.

After just a few minutes on paper we spun around and started working on recording elevation dope and potential windage at longer ranges as Shayne really wanted to know the potential drop to suit varying distances.

For distances further than 100m, we hung some steel on chains from star pickets to get a solid swinging steel

The Lithgow didn't disappoint. The Aussie outbacks were fast, consistent and had no worries at all getting on the 12inch wide 16inch high target out to 700m. Giving a decent audible ring enough to hear from 700m away.  That, we were very happy with.

The Vortex Diamondback scope stayed beautifully and clear at 16 power and had a very comfortable eye relief while laying prone on the grass.  The elevation tracking appeared to be spot on, after doing some calculations we got close and we made minor adjustments to walk it in to 600 and 702m. The max wind calls were only a full target to the left to buck the right to left wind movements.


The basic Champion 6-9 inch bipod proved too short for getting over the tufty grass so Shayne raised the gun again using the 5.11 Range Ready bag to provide the higher and steady base.  The 9-13 inch Bipod would certainly raise the gun enough to beat this grass short of needing shooting sticks to get 1m off the floor.

All in all, its was an outstanding outing for the Lithgow, only to get signal that night back at camp to find the recall notice from Lithgow about the .223s having a potential barrel defect. Not a problem, it will be sent back to be checked and no doubt be back in plenty of time for the guns next outing anyway.


Next Up, Some Big Bangers

Having recently added the Leupold Custom CDS dial to my Mk4 atop my trued blue printed 300WSM Remington 700 in the GRS stock.  Not having shot the gun with the CDS dial custom engraved to suit the Federal 150 grain Nosler Balistic tip rounds doing 3250 fps, I was desperate to get some rounds at long range to see how the elevation tracking went.  With out even checking 100m zero. I just pointed straight to the 300m plate, dialled the distance and smack, the 300WSM hit that steel hard, really hard and just off dead centre.  Well, I guess that worked just fine. So I moved the muzzle 6 inches to point to the 620m steel,  turned the CDS to 6.3 (closest increment I could get) and sent it.

Again it was a near perfect hit, 3 inch left 3 inch low on a 8x10 inch plate. Again, couldn't be happier, that is certainly within the accuracy im looking for on a 2nd shot from cold bore if you wanted to play that game.

600m was the limit of the range for this days layout, time for some other guns until tomorrow......


The next morning we reposition to get another few metres away from the 620, maxed out to 701m.

Dialling 700 on the CDS, firing through the cold air and smack, perfect hit, 3 inch right 1 inch high, I chambered another Nosler tipped 150 and flung another at the steel, 3 inch right and 2 inch low. 

From 2 shots, thats a 3 inch group at 700m. Brilliant!!!

Content I stepped aside as the boys were eager to have a go. Tomorrow....would be my biggest test, my goal for 2018 was beckoning.


With the 300WSM aside, we abused the 300, 400, 500 and 700m targets with the 223s and 308s for the next few hours, getting everything dialled and logging all the changes to ensure we would be on point when needed.

My stock as a rock (bar Legacy Sports Mag conversion) Remington 700 VTR in 308 is a pretty light weight gun, with a basic Nikon Prostaff on top, its my "hunting" gun, short-ish, light, 10 round mag and quick to shoulder with the 3-9x44, its a bit of a bruiser to shoot.

Its kicks bloody hard.  Adding a Limbsaver decelerator and a Bistoli cheak riser pad made it more comfortable to shoot laying prone.

The 165 grain Aussie Outback Seirra Matchkings shot great from the Remingtons ported triangular barrel. The venerable 308 hits hard, throwing the hung steel all over the place, to the point where some of the steel spun round too far and couldnt be shot again with reseting.



Rimfires a Blast!!!


Daily, we have new shooters in store, all they want is a big banger bullet based gun.  On that same daily basis I make sure to assert my recommendation as to make sure they dont over look the rimfire rifles.  So much can be learnt from small bore.

22 Magnum, although these days very much over shadowed by 17HMR, is a wonderful little cartridge.  Once I had the little Ruger Target reconfirmed zero at 100m the Hornady 30 grain V Max Ballistic tips were smacking the steel with amazing authority.  These lil rockets are traveling way over 2000fps and oh boy do they fly well.

Although an interesting reticle choice, the Bushnell AR optics 4.5-18 x 44 scope, with BDC for 6.5 Creedmore (its all I had spare to slap on) worked out well.  Just by chance, the 4 BDC markings under the reticle just happened to work well, the 3rd hash mark (300m for 6.5 Creed) was spot on for 200m in the 22mag, then the 5th hash mark (500m for 6.5) just happened to equate to 300m for the mini magnum.

Yes, granted, the wind was a shitfull thing out to 300m but I as still able to get regular hits holding 2 targets off to the left.



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