Authorised Seller of Ausgel Milky white Gel Balls Gold Coast Queensland Australia

AUSGEL is a leading Australian supplier of Gel Blasters and Gel Ball Ammunition - we have done the research and stock only the best gel balls for your play style!

Ausgel have been imported gels to the highest of standard, supporting the gel ball community by researching and developing gels with manufacturers to get the very best out of the gel blasters we have today.


G&A Tactical dont do what many other retailers do, we buy our gels locally from Ausgel to support the company that has put all the efforts in to getting the best out of our gel blasters.  Other retailers are known for importing their own gels, cutting out the hard working middle man and going direct to manufactuers and buying what ever is cheapest or what looks the same as Ausgel gels.  Not G&A, we support Ausgel by buying their imported and qualty assured gels, both supporting the local little fish and also to ensure the product sold at G&A are the gels that Ausgels R&D has chosen to be of the highest possible quality.

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