Sportsmatch was established in 1972 by John Ford. John was a keen shooter and was not satisfied with the Japanese air rifle scope mounts on the market as like the low cost Chinese mounts available today they 'creeped' (slid rearwards on the dovetail / grooves) after several shots which changes the point of impact. The alternative German scope mounts were very expensive and difficult to obtain so John set about solving this problem by developing his own.

Armed with a wealth of knowledge and design prowess gained from the motor sports industry John set out to produce the best 3/8" / 11mm scope rings around and designed a range of quality air rifle scope mounts which did not 'creep' along the scope grooves even when used on the most heavy recoiling rifles regardless of the specification of rifle scope being used. The price was affordable to the mass market and they were manufactured in England as they are today.

Sportsmatch quickly became an established brand in the United Kingdom and production has now grown to supply distributors of rifle scopes and firearms in over 40 countries. In recent years the range has been extended to include over 70 models and now includes accessories such as adapter rails, torch mounts and spirit level kits. Such is the confidence that Sportsmatch® has in its products that we now offer a 'lifetime guarantee' on every scope mount we produce. Such confidence comes from using the latest state of the art CNC machinery but retaining a crucial hands on approach by our quality assurance staff which inspect every single product prior to dispatch.

The company's management is now headed by John's son Matthew as John is now retired from the day to day activities of Sportsmatch. Matthew has overseen the development of many new scope mounts and spends a lot of time listening to the requirements of shooters from all over the world.

So now in its 45th year of growth and reinvestment Sportsmatch offers a rock solid, good quality and dependable scope mounting solution for virtually all rifle / scopes available.  If you want a high quality scope mount at a reasonable price that is rock solid and wont let you down ask your dealer for a 'Sportsmatch®

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