Gel Ball

Skirmish includes Paint ball, Laser Tag, Gel Ball and Airsoft.

Here in queensland we are lucky to have the new up coming sport/ hobby of Gel Ball.

What is Gel Ball Ammo?

Gel blasters shoot soft biodegradeable balls called “gel balls”.  They are 7-8mm when full size.

Gel balls are biodegradable water hydrated pellets made from a material called Sodium Poly Acrylate. The gel balls are very small initially and need to be ’hydrated’ and grown for use with Gel Blasters.

A full Packet of AusGel Milkies has 10,000 crystals in it.

Pour the whole sachet into a 3 litre milk or juice bottle, Fill the whole bottle full of warm Water. Allow them to soak for atleast 4 hours and the balls are ready to go!

Gel balls will last for years if refrigerated in water. They will last for months if sealed in an airtight container out of the fridge. Gels leave almost no mess (they shatter on impact and evaporate within hours). If you shoot continuously in one area over a period of time, gel ball fragments turn into a very fine powder that can be vacuumed from your floor, or biodegrades if outside.

The Best of the best Gels are from AusGel Quality Ammunitions.  We will only be selling Ausgel Gel balls so we know we are selling the very best! There are different hardness, size and colours.  The STD Orange and Milky Whites are the most consistent and accurate.  They are available in bags of 10000 gels.

Trouble Shooting Hint:  If you fire your blaster and the Gels fire inconsistently with some just dribbling out the barrel, then the Gels are not fully Hyrdated, they need the 4 hours fully submerged to maximise their growth to allow a good seal in the barrel.

Where can I play?

Running around in the street or in public with your Gel Blaster is not recommened by anyone. While these are toys and are 100% legal, they do look like real guns, that alone can get you and your kids in trouble for causing fear in public.  If the police are called, you will get in trouble!! 

It is recommended to only play with your Blaster on private property and at organised Skirmish games with approval from private property management. Always transport them in a bag to keep them out of sight.

Locally we play at Heritage Park in Pimpama.  The events are organised and managed through facebook in a private group called “Nuketown GC”. Request to join to find out all about our local GelBall scene.


•Safety Glasses must always be warn
•While these wont damage your skin at all, they can hurt if hit in the eye.
•It is recommended to avoid shooting anyone in the head. Just to be safe.


•Must only be used with the battery provided, any increase in Voltage or discharge rate will void warranty. These are designed for 7.4 Volts only.
•If the internal gearing fails in the first 7 days, we will repair it.
•Do Not pull the trigger in safe mode, you may break the trigger
•These are plastic toys, they are designed to be played with carefully.  If you drop and break it, or snap the blaster, it is not covered under warranty. These are plastic not metal Construction

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