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Welcome to the Gold Coasts Newest Tactical and Firearm Dealership.
Dealers License 50001513

Long Term Safe Storage from 50c per Day



Licensed Firearm Dealership and Firearm Long Term Storage.

Storing firearms is very simple but is likely to be legal requirement for many, in scenarios of moving interstate, license expired, away for extended periods, unlicensed heirloom and the list of reasons goes on.
Just agree to our terms, we take a copy of your ID and firearm license if available and proof of your ownership, we then book your firearms into our register and complete a Form 10.  
We require a minimum of 3 months fees up front.  50% discount applies to every additional firearm stored.
Storage fees are $1 per day for the first firearm and 50c per day for every other.  

For example.  

1 Firearm for minimum term of 3 months = $90.00

2 Firearms for minimum term of 3 months = $135.00

3 Firearms for minimum term of 3 months = $180.00

Once your paid period runs out, the fees will automatically be renewed for an additional 3 month period.

Bulk storage rates are available, just ask.
We require guns to be clean and not infected by mould etc.  If mouldy when recieved a $25 cleaning fee will be applied.
All guns stored will be oiled for rust protection and not handled for the duration of the storage,
Our Vault exceeds all legal storage requirements to ensure the highest level of security is maintained. With ventilation and dehumidfiers.
Located Unit 15, 99 West Burleigh Road, Burleigh Qld  4220
Terms and Conditions of storage
Safekeeping - Safe keeping by Guns & Ammo is the act of keeping items safe in a locked and protected area. Items delivered to Guns & Ammo may require to be kept locked in a safe/protected are until retirved by the purchaser. Items and firearms including their seperate parts, kept for safekeeping by Guns & Ammo are subject to storage fees and terms of storage.
Storage fees - Our schedule of storage fees is posted above. Storage shall be paid in full, prior to the collection of any items jointly or severally. Any items with or seperate of firearms are charged at the same rate as firearms. Items with unpaid storage fees due, of more than 90 days shall be entirely forfeited to Guns & Ammo. Items forfeited to Guns & Ammo shall immediatley become unencombered property of Guns & Ammo.
Terms of Storage - All items kept for safekeeping are subject to a storage fee. Storage fees commence immediatley upon reciept of items. Items must be clean and free of contaminents. Firearms will be oiled and untouched for the storage period.  If contaminated with mould then a cleaning fee of $25 will be applied to ensure the cleanliness of the storage facilty at the commencment of storage. All carry bags and boxes will be handed back to the owner for storage.